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Internship Technology Research

Royal Dahlman is looking for an HBO student in a relevant field such as Chemical engineering, Process technology, Industrial engineering, or a similar discipline.

Internship - Maassluis

About the internship/graduation assignment

Research into the possibilities and potential of membrane filter technology. 

Royal Dahlman is a leading technology company specialising in filtration technology. Membrane filtration technology is employed in various sectors an applications, including water purification, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processes and more.

In this internship/graduation assignment, you will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the current and future possibilities of membrane filtration technology, both from a technical and commercial point, specifically focusing on opportunities for Royal Dahlman.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Conduct a literature review on current applications and developments in membrane filtration technology across different industries, including water purification, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processes etc.
  • Identify key players and competitors in membrane filtration technology and analyse their market positions.
  • Analyse the current product portfolio of Royal Dahlman with the potential addition of membrane filtration technology, including strengths and possible areas for improvement.
  • Explore new and emerging technological developments within the membrane filtration sector and assess their potential impact on the market and Royal Dahlman's position.
  • Identify potential market opportunities and niches for Royal Dahlman based on the technical and commercial possibilities of membrane filtration technology.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis to gain insight into the current market position of Royal Dahlman and identify possible strategies for growth and differentiation.
  • Compile a detailed report with research findings, including recommendations for Royal Dahlman to capitalize on market opportunities and strengthen its competitive position.
  • Are you the HBO student in a relevant field such as chemical engineering, process technology, industrial engineering, or a similar discipline?        
  • You have an interest in membrane filtration technology and a willingness to conduct in-depth research on the subject?
  • You possess good analytical skills and can work independently?
  • You have a proactive attitude and effective communication skills?
  • Proficiency in both Dutch and English languages?